European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine

List of the ECHM documents:

ECHM Educational and Training Standards for the Staff of Hyperbaric Medical Centres
ECHM Recommendations for Safety in multiplace medical hyperbaric chambers
2004 European Code of Good Practice on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
2008 The EBAss/ECHM Resources manual on Education of nurses, operators and technicians in hyperbaric facilities in Europe (September 2008)
2011 ECHM-EDTC Educational and Training Standards (2011)

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List of the ECHM books (please contact resellers):

Alessandro Marroni, Daniel Mathieu, Francis Wattel

The European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine has, during the last decade, become a common referral for state-of-the-art hyperbaric medicine practice and guidelines in Europe as well as internationally. This volume is intended to be the first one of a series, hence the name ECHM Collection, and covers the action of the ECHM since its inception. The multifaceted production of the ECHM will this way be more readily available to the international scientific community. The categories included are listed below and will give the reader a more comprehensive idea of the detail described in this new title. Over 60 contributors include internationally known members of the hyperbaric and diving medical communities.

The books ECHM Collection, Volume 1, ECHM Collection, Volume 2 and ECHM Collection, Volume 3 are available at the Best Publishing Company.

Daniel Mathieu, editor

It is now ten years since the first Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine was published. During this time there have been many major advances: our understanding of the actions of hyperbaric oxygenation has been elucidated by several studies; clinical practice is becoming more scientific; various consensus-derived organisational and operational recommendations and guidelines are now widely accepted.
As for Europe, these positive developments are largely due to the continuous action of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM). One of the most successful initiatives was the start of a specific European research action sponsored by the EU Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) programme. The specific COST Action for hyperbaric medicine, COST B14, has been completed and has provided the impetus for the publication of this new Handbook. This book is a reference document for researchers and clinicians, and is also of excellent use for both teachers and students.

The Handbook on Hyperbaric Medicine is available at the Springer.


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