European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine

List of European Consensus Conferences (ECC)

1st ECC

The applications of Hyperbaric Oxygen; standards for education and training, future directions of research; technical requirements
Lille, France

2nd ECC

The treatment of decompression accidents in recreational diving
Marseille, France

3rd ECC

The role of Hyperbaric Oxygen in acute musculo-skeletal trauma
Milano, Italy

4th ECC

Hyperbaric oxygen in the management of foot lesions in diabetic patients
London, UK

5th ECC

Hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of radio-induced lesions in normal tissues
Lisbon, Portugal

6th ECC

Prevention of dysbaric injuries in diving and hyperbaric work
Geneva, Switzerland

7th ECC 2004

The 7th European Consensus Conference on Hyperbaric Medicine
Lille, France

8th ECC 2006

The 8th European Conference organized jointly with the ETRS on Oxygen and Tissue Repair
Ravenna, Italy



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